All-member Mentions

One feature of Arctic's Administrative Control is all-member mention detection. This makes Arctic detect when a member, bot or webhook has mentioned @everyone or @here. This can be useful to prevent people from abusing their permission to mention everyone.

Basic Setup:

The setup for this feature is simple. You just need to enable it with: a?administrativecontrol all-member-mentions status on

More Settings:

Trigger (Amount of mentions required to trigger the system): a?administrativecontrol all-member-mentions trigger <number> Timeframe (Timeframe the mentions have to be in): a?administrativecontrol all-member-mentions timeframe <time-in-minutes>

Advanced Webhook Protection:

Arctic's Administrative Control will already detect webhooks that trigger the all-member mentions detection system, but you can also make Arctic find the owner of the webhook that triggered the system and remove all their roles & permissions. Enable role removal: a?administrativecontrol all-member-mentions detect-webhook-owner remove-roles on Arctic's Administrative Control can also find other webhooks owned by the person that owned a webhook that triggered the all-member mentions detection system and delete them. This can help ensure they cannot use other webhooks they had already made to continue mentioning members with the webhooks. Enable deletion of other webhooks: a?administrativecontrol all-member-mentions detect-webhook-owner delete-other-webhooks on

Lock channel on trigger:

Administrative Control can automatically lock the channel the most recent all-member mention was sent in. If your server is active and you don't want people spamming messages in chat after they got mentioned, enable this. Enable channel locking: a?administrativecontrol all-member-mentions lock-channel on

Letting roles bypass the system:

If you want to let specific roles have access to the system's settings and bypass the system entirely, use this: a?administrativecontrol access add <@role> To remove a role's access, use this: a?administrativecontrol access remove <@role>

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