Regular filters

Arctic's auto-moderation comes with a variety of filters that you can configure to your liking.

Filter list:

Spam: Prevents members from quickly sending messages and sending duplicate messages. Invites: Prevents members from sending server invites (can help block self-promotion). Mentions: Prevents members from mass-mentioning other members and roles. Flooding: Prevents members from adding a lot of new lines to their messages. Emoji: Prevents members from sending a large amount of emoji. Links: Prevents members from sending any website link in chat. Spoilers: Prevents members from using a large amount of spoilers tags. Profanity: Prevents members from using profane words. Capitals: Prevents members from using a large amount of capital letters in their messages. Zalgo (Premium): Prevents members from using zalgo in their messages. [ E̵̢̳͊̍́X̴̯̦̭̒̇̚A̸̛̘͂̚M̴̠̺̮͊̂P̴͕̣̿̓L̶̦̱̓E̴̲̝̅̃͑ ]

How do I use these filters?

1. Set a muted role (if you haven't already). a?setrole muted <@role>

2. Enable some features! a?automoderation <feature name> status on

3. Set a new mode. a?automoderation <feature name> mode <warn/mute>

4. Set a new trigger. a?automoderation <feature name> trigger <number>

Important note: You need to use this to set the mentions trigger: a?automoderation mentions trigger <role/user> <number>

You can also use a?automoderation help to get help with auto-moderation.