Word filter

With the word filter, Arctic can block any word you make it!

All you need to do is add a word to the word filter and Arctic will start blocking it!

Add a word: a?automoderation wordfilter add <word> Remove a word: a?automoderation wordfilter remove <word>

Message cleaning

What is it?

Message cleaning allows Arctic to not only delete messages that contain blocked words but also send a censored version of the message so the conversation in the channel can continue to function without the user having to rewrite their message (this is especially useful when they didn't know a word they used was blocked.)

How do I enable it?

You can enable message cleaning by using a?automoderation wordfilter cleanmessages on

Note: Message cleaning is a premium feature.

Bypass prevention

What is it?

Bypass prevention blocks your members from bypassing your word filter by adding special characters to their messages in between the filtered word. Bypass prevention will make Arctic ignore:

  • Diacritics

  • Emoji

  • Special characters

  • Spaces

  • Invisible characters

‌If they're in between actual filtered words. If the filtered word includes one of the things listed above, that type of bypass prevention won't be applied for that word.


  • Filtered word: Example

  • Attempt to bypass (would be caught by bypass prevention): e!x?a | m😃p ,,le

How do I enable it?

You can enable bypass prevention by using a?automoderation wordfilter bypass-prevention on

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