Thank you for showing interest in Arctic Vault. Currently, to use Arctic Vault in your server you need to apply (but don't worry, we accept most people that apply).

Here's how to setup Arctic Vault in your server

a?vault setup

That's it! As long as it gets to the point where it says Vault setup complete, your vault is ready to use.

I got a message saying "Some roles have the Administrator permission." and it's telling me to remove the permission. Why do I need to remove it?

The reason you should remove the Administrator is because all admins bypass the Arctic Vault Access system which means ANY admin can see your vault and even delete it.


How do I backup my vault?

You can backup your vault with a?vault backup start.

How many vault entries (messages) does Arctic Vault backup?

Arctic Vault can backup 35 vault entries.

How do I see my backup?

You can easily view your backup with a?vault backup view. It puts each vault entry onto its own page and can even show you entries that are 2000 characters long!