Arctic has a lockdown system to let your staff members manually lock channels or your entire server.


Server: a?lock server Channel: a?lock channel [#channel-to-lock] Auto-Kick: a?lock kick


Server: a?unlock server Channel: a?unlock channel [#channel-to-unlock] Auto-Kick: a?unlock kick

The commands below require the Manage Server permission.

Configuring Lockdown Permissions:

Let a role lock and unlock: a?lock access add <@role> Remove a role's access to lockdown: a?lock access remove <@role> View the added roles: a?lock access

Fixing Server Lockdowns:

a?lock -fix


Check if the server or any channels are locked or if Auto-Kick lockdown is enabled: a?lock status

Command Aliases:

  • lock: l, ld, lockdown

  • unlock: ul

Other Aliases:

  • channel: c

  • server: s

  • access: ac

  • status: st

  • kick: k

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