Malicious Accounts

What are malicious accounts?

Malicious accounts are accounts that Arctic finds potentially malicious by looking at some of their user information. By looking at the data, Arctic can generate a score, and if the score is above a certain threshold, Arctic will say the account seems malicious.

Can I see if an account is considered malicious?

Yes, you can. Use a?userinfo <user> and look for the Malicious Account field.

Can I make Arctic do something if someone with a malicious account joins?

Yes, you can make Arctic mute, kick or ban people with malicious accounts as soon as they join the server. They'll receive a direct message notifying them about the action, and Arctic will log the event to the logs channel.


  • a?maliciousaccountsettings <join/bots-added> status <on/off>

  • a?maliciousaccountsettings <join/bots-added> mode <mute/kick/ban>

Join: Status: ON Mode: Mute

Bots Added: Status: ON Mode: Kick


  • a?maliciousaccounts

  • a?ma